an appliance technology of Connecticut is still getting over the fact that a life hack she once shared in Tik Tok somehow found its way into the script of a popular seal film.

The only problem? It just so happened that he was a hack She was later proven wrong. oops.

Tik Tok user Renae (@renduh) shared the news on the platform on January 1. 17 after a close friend alerted her to the fact that she was “famous”. Apparently, a viral hack she shared was recently mentioned in The bridal veil: inspirationa new Hallmark rom-com starring Autumn Reeser, Paolo Bernardini, and Lacey Chabert, and there was no mistaking that they were talking about it.

“You NEED to see this,” Renae’s friend Josh allegedly texted her. “Like right now.”

In the clip, actress Kacey Rohl’s character references some of the popular influential people she continues Tik Tokincluding “everyone’s favorite appliance repairman.”

Renae and her friend understood that this was referring to her. After all, Renae has made a name for herself in her little corner of TikTok, where she frequently answers questions on common topics. house Device Commands and Problems has a fairly large following of over 649,000 users.

But even if there’s any question as to who the famous TikToker in question really is, something Carlo Marks’ character says below really settles it.

“Oh, I follow her!” he tells Rohl, before asking him if he saw “the one with the dishwasher pods”.

It turns out that he had, but it’s not until later in the clip, when Autumn Reeser’s character walks out of the scene, that we get all the details.

“Hey, what happened to the dishwasher pods?” Reeser asks as he walks out the door.

“Oh, you don’t put it in the detergent,” Rohl says, “it makes everything dirty.”

“Yeah, just put it on the utensil cart,” Marks adds before Reeser smiles and says, “Great tip!”

After watching the clip, Renae’s jaw is practically on the ground.

“Holy crap, they’re talking about me!” he says she on her TikTok. “And they referenced the one piece of information that was wrong and then corrected it.”

Clearly, Renae is excited and a little embarrassed by the whole thing, considering she was humbly corrected last year after getting a ton of feedback on her dishwasher pod tip. in fact, in one of his videos from november 2022clarifies why he continued to give that advice for years, based on his own personal experiences fixing dishwashers.

With that said, Renae received a “very important email” from the people at Cascade after her advice. viral, inviting her to the Procter & Gamble headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. There, she toured the company’s labs and spoke directly to their scientists, who had some pretty solid research on why dishwasher pods should be in the designated detergent dispenser and not the utensil caddy.

Apparently, if you throw the capsule in the utensil holder, 80% of the detergent will be removed during the prewash cycle before the main wash can start.

Through it all, Renae still seems pretty excited to have received such incredible recognition on TV.

“I know the script for the movie was probably written before I came out with my update but uhhh… oops,” he wrote in his TikTok caption. “STILL COOL, THOUGH! Also, whoever wrote this in the movie, hello! Thank you.”

In the comments, her followers did everything they could to make her feel better.

“Congratulations and condolences,” wrote one person.

“It’s Hollywood,” someone else added. “As long as they talk about you, it’s fine.”

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