SATURDAY AM IN WRITING after Friday afternoon update: As expected, Disney/20th Century Studios/Lightstorm’s Avatar: The Path of Water remains number one again in its fifth weekend with a four day take on MLK $35 million after $7 million Friday, -39% in 4,045 sites. 3 days seems close $27 million-$29 million-39%

That will make the James Cameron sequel $566.7 million at the national box office by EOD on Monday, passing The dark knight ($534.9M) and Jon Favreau The Lion King ($543.6 million) to become the 13th highest-grossing film of all time in the United States, Canada. By Monday, the movie will have been in theaters for 32 days. At that time a year ago, Spider-Man: No Way Home it had already crossed the $700 million threshold.

avatar 2 returns to all premium formats (Dolby, Imax, PLFs) this weekend. Dolby auditoriums to give up when Universal’s M. Night Shyamalan call the booth hits theaters on February 2, 3.

While the four-day weekend for all titles is expected to hit $115.4 million, sure, it’s not the best MLK holiday stretch we’ve seen at the box office, coming in at 44% less than the $115.4 million. 205.3 million before Covid 2020 when bad boys for life gathered. But the 4-day frame is 36% more than last year’s MLK holiday weekend of $85 million, and that’s something the industry can be thankful for, buoyed by a phenomenal hold on a horror movie and the expansion of a straight-playing senior drama. Central America.

Strong in second place is Universal/Atomic Monster/Blumhouse’s M3GAN with a $4.85 million second Friday, -59%, 3 days of $17.5 million-42%, and 4 days of $20.7 million taking the cumulative total of 11 photo days to $59.2 million. Social media metrics corporation RelishMix reports that over the past week, M3GAN has added close to 110K followers to its social networks with TikTok adding +49K, Instagram +48K, Twitter 8K and Facebook 4K, “which is exceptional for a new IP.”

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

Universal Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

Universal also has bragging rights with Puss in Boots: The Last Wish in 3,641 theaters: DreamWorks Animation’s title will surpass the century mark on Monday with $109 million. The fourth Friday in the photo is $3 million-10% 3 days $12.4 million (-8%) and 4 days $16 million in third place. Lo and behold, the big box office here, as the film is also available on PVOD given Universal’s exclusive 17-day theatrical window policy for titles that open under $50 million. We saw a similar business trend last year with Uni/Illumination’s song 2 so the availability of PVOD did not slow down ticket sales for that photo. Well into March song 2 he was making weekends north of $1M+. A lot of that has to do with family demographics and how they get to these animated movies for second and third viewings in theaters.

A man named Otto

Mariana Trevino and Tom Hanks in ‘A man named Otto

Colombian Photos

A promising sign this weekend: Sony’s A man named Otto is looking to exceed its 4-day $8 million expectations, and indeed provide a pulse for older skewed movies. The image expanded on Friday to 3,802 theaters. $4 million with quarter perspective $14 million for four days, very good for drama like this in a recovering market. The photo is running for Monday seems to be in $20.2 million. That’s unbelievably better than what Babylon made in its 4-day Christmas weekend ($3.6 million) and Tri-Star/Compelling Pictures/Black Label Media’s I want to dance with someone ($4.7 million). Rotten Tomatoes audiences always liked it otto better than critics, 97% to 69% fresh. In Comscore/Screen Engine PostTrak ratings, Hanks’ film is vibrant with a 93% positive and 76% recommendation. Who came out? Old woman. The overall participation of women is 60% with a general audience of 62% over 45, 46% over 55. And the movie casts itself in the heartland: a swath of the country that Hollywood needs to make more movies for if they are to bring in the domestic box office. back. It’s not just New York and Los Angeles. otto saw all of its top 10 runs come from the Midwest and South with no runs in Los Angeles and New York in its top 75 theaters “which is almost unheard of,” says a box office source. Pic’s over-indexed cities were Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Tampa, Minnesota, Orlando, Denver, and Detroit. However, there are plenty of smaller cities I hear about, like Toledo and Pittsburgh, that did well, the latter where the photo was taken. Other demos were 70% Caucasian, 15% Hispanic and Latino, 3% Black, and 12% Asian/Other. The film cost $50 million before P&A, co-financed by SF and TSG.


(L-R) Daniella Pineda, Gerard Butler and Yoson An in ‘Plane’

Kenneth Rexach

lionsgate’s Airplane secured a $3.5 million friday, $10.5M-$11.7M 4 days in fifth, this last range exceeding the expectations of the study. Gerard Butler’s title compensation is from Universal Ambulance which posted 3 days of $8.7M. Airplane It is around $9.5 million more than 3 days. The film gets a B+, which is the same grade as the last notable early-winter meat-and-potato boy action flick, which was pre-pandemic, Guy Ritche. The Knight in January 2020 ($10.6 million open, 3.4x multiple, $36.4 million national final). PostTrak outlets here are also good with 83% and 63% recommending them. Guys were 54% featured, 47% were between the ages of 18-34, and 51% were over the age of 35. The diversity demos were 44% Caucasian, 24% Latino/Hispanic, 17% Black, and 15% Asian/ others. Airplane he flew best in the South and West, where nine of his top ten runs came from. The photo cost about $20 million with a P&A in the same range. Lionsgate has released these action shots for guys before with a cinema to home entertainment ratio where the latest window is outperforming with its core audience.

RelishMix has a universe of social networks for Airplane via Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube at 35.1M, which is “under the rules”. However, the cast is taking the photo by storm with Gerard Butler snapping up his nearly 16 million fans, Mike Colter at 366,000 and Daniella Pineda her close to 180,000 Instagram followers.

Social media talk is mixed for the picture, says RelishMix: “Gerard Butler fans are excited for a new chase, race or fight for the new year, plus added excitement for Tony Goldwyn and Mike Colter, while the talk questions the Airbus aircraft with recent comparisons. flight delays in the news, while other fans wonder if ‘the plane can be simple’”.

party in the House

party in the House

Warner Bros./New Line

Warner Bros. has the New Line reboot of party in the House What did $1.4 million yesterday, which will bring the film, originally designed for HBO Max, to 4 days from $4 million in 1,350 theaters in 6th place. The idea with these low-cost, post-Jason Kilar-era HBO Max movies is to put them in theaters, give them some kind of exclusive window before going to a 17-day PVOD and 45-day run on HBO Max. It’s hard to win over critics with comedies and this one didn’t make them laugh at 26% on Rotten Tomatoes. Audiences were about 65% fresh on that site’s meter.

one.) avatar 2 (Un) 4,045 (-295) theaters Fri $7 million (-39%) 3 days $27 million-$29 million (-39%), 4 days $35 million Total $566.7 million/week 5

2.) M3GAN (United States) 3,605 (+96) theaters Fri $4.85 million (-59%), 3 days $17.5 million (-42%) 4 days $20.7 million Total $59.2 million /week 2

3.) Puss in boots 2 (United) 3,687 (-232) theaters Fri $3 million (-10%) 3 days $12.46 million (-8%)/4 days $16 million/Total $109 million/week 4

4.) A man named Otto (Sony) 3802 (+3165) cinemas, Friday $4 million (+162%) 3 days $11.75 million (+180%), 4 days $14 million/Total $20.2 million/week 3

5.) Airplane (LG) 3,023 cinemas, Friday $3.54 millionThree days $9.5 million4 days $10.5M-$11.7M/Week 1

6.) party in the House (Holland) 1,350 theaters, Friday $1.4 million, 3 days $3.6 million 4 days $4 million/Week 1

7.) wakandan forever (Un) 1,910 (-345) theaters Fri $524K (-46%) 3 days $2 million (-43%), 4 days $2.5 million Total $449.4 million/week 10

8) The whale (A24) 1,500 (+665) cinemas Fri $418.5K (-13 days $1.4 million (-7%), 4 days $1.7 million Total $10.99 million/week 6

9.) I want to dance with someone (Sony) 2205 (-979 theaters) Fri $300K (-57%) 3 days $1.1 million (-54%) , 4 days $1.3 millionTotal $22 million/week 4

10.) waltair veeraya (Ind) 350 theaters, Friday $318K, 3 days $1.08 million4 days $1.2 million/Week 1

‘A Man Called Otto’ and ‘Airplane’

Everett Collection

FRIDAY AM: On a winter Thursday still ruled by James Cameron Avatar: The Path of WaterSony’s Tom Hanks drama A man named Otto and Lionsgate’s Gerard Butler action photo, Airplanehe looked to start early at $635K and $625K respectively each.

Here’s the thing, technically, otto is the richest: If you count Thursday cash from the $420K Marc Forster-directed title from 637 theaters, the film earned $1.06M yesterday. However, Sony will count preview night cash from 2,493 theaters (whose hours began yesterday at 2pm) for from otto Friday. otto expands to 3,800 locations. Pic’s running total with no previews for two weeks is $6.2 million.

Neither otto neither Airplane seems to rule MLK’s 4-day weekend with respective projections of $8 million and $7 million-$10 million as Disney/20th/Lightstorm’s Avatar: The Path of Water looks to lead with $35 million.. Airplane had two sets of previews on Wednesday and Thursday beginning at 7 p.m. Butler’s film is booked in 3,023 theaters. avatar 2 it finished its fourth week with nearly $60 million in 4,340 theaters and a cumulative total of $531.7 million. avatar 2 led all films yesterday with $2.92M, -8% from Wednesday.

Universal/Blumhouse/Atomic Monsters M3GAN it ends the first week at 3,509 locations with $38.5 million after a Thursday of $1.67 million, -6% from Wednesday. Peak is about $400K below YellThe first week of revenue of $38.9 million last year.

Warner Bros. theatrical release of former HBO Max title New Line party in the House will wrap its preview numbers from last night into its weekend total. The spike at 1,300 sites is expected to be in the mid-single digits.

Universal/DreamWorks Animations Puss in Boots: The Last Wish at 3,919 it made $1.08 million on Thursday, -5% from Wednesday, a third week of $18.3 million and a cumulative $92.9 million.


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