As a lifelong Florida scientist and environmentalist, I am horrified that the Governor bragged in his inaugural address that he ushered in a “new era of stewardship of Florida’s natural resources” when we have so many serious unresolved problems that Floridians and our economy. .

In 2022, Florida topped the list of the most polluted lakes (900,00 acres) in the US according to a study conducted by the Environmental Integrity Project using data from the Environmental Protection Agency. We rank second in the number of acres of polluted estuaries. In 2019, Florida ranked second nationally in the number of people affected by violations of the Safe Drinking Water Act according to a study by the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Manatees are starving in the Indian River Lagoon because the state has not seriously addressed water quality issues, which were highlighted by the Governor’s own Blue-Green Algae Task Force of Scientists in 2019. The discharge of charged water of nitrogen is killing the seagrass that manatees depend on. for food.

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