The global version of the OnePlus 11 has appeared on Geekbench ahead of its release next month. In short, OnePlus announced its 11th generation smartphone earlier this month as one of the first smartphones to feature a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. Also offered with Hasselblad cameras and 100W fast charging, it is likely that the OnePlus 10 will be the company’s only flagship smartphone for the first half of 2023. In fact, OnePlus has confirmed that it has no plans to launch a OnePlus 11 Pro, just as there was no OnePlus 10.

Geekbench does not refer to the OnePlus 11 by its trade name, instead OnePlus CPH2451 is shown. Nevertheless, Bluetooth SIG confirmed in November that OnePlus CPH2451 is the model name for the global variant of OnePlus 11. According to Geekbench, the global variant will ship with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, mirroring its Chinese sibling. Also, the device will be available with 16 GB of RAM, unlike the OnePlus 10 Pro. If previous flagship launches are taken into account, OnePlus will also offer the device with a cheaper 12 GB RAM variant.

However, there are some surprises when it comes to performance. Although the OnePlus 11 meets expectations when it comes to single-core performance, it fails to break above 5,000 points in multi-core work. By comparison, we’ve seen the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 regularly score over 5,200 points, a difference of up to 15% in some results. This could potentially be due to pre-release software, with global models relying on OxygenOS 13, not ColorOS 13. OnePlus is expected to show off the OnePlus 11 outside of China on February 7 during a ‘Cloud 11’ launch event.

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