Hello and welcome to AS USA’s live blog on financial aid. and other economic news as the US recovers from pandemic-related disruptions.

Today, the Federal Reserve is expected to increase interest rates by 0.25 percent. A minor magnification is projected in daylight Inflation and employment reports for December which showed both a decline in prices and unemployment.

For those who have not yet received their W-2s from their employer, the deadline to submit them has passed. Be sure to contact the IRS for guidanceabout what to do if your current or former employer has not submitted this important form.

The White House plans to sit down with Republicans in Congress and has asked them to provide a budget detailing the cuts they would like to make. Both President Biden and President Trump have warned these leaders that Cuts to Social Security and Medicare it should not be offered as a means to balance the budget. With such high-level opposition in both parties, cuts to these popular programs seem unlikely.

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