Starting next month, Apple changes the prices of the App Store in certain countries. Price changes will be seen with apps on the App Store and with in-app purchases. Apple released a note to developers stating that it handles 44 currencies across 175 iOS app storefronts. Obviously, the tech giant needs to deal with ever-fluctuating exchange rates and changes being made to the tax policies of the countries it serves.
Apple has made similar App Store price changes in the past for the same reasons. For example, last month, Apple made a big change to the prices of the App Store adding 700 new developer price points. This change first became available last month for apps that offer auto-renewing subscriptions. Other apps and in-app purchases will be able to use the new price points starting this spring.

As for the changes Apple announced on Friday, the company told developers that “apps and in-app purchases (excluding auto-renewing subscriptions) on the App Store will increase in Colombia, Egypt, Hungary, Nigeria, Norway, South Africa and the United Kingdom.” This increase will begin on February 13.

Meanwhile, a drop in the value added tax rate from 15% to 12% in Uzbekistan will lead to a drop in app and intra-app prices. Apple tells developers not to worry because “your revenue will be adjusted accordingly and calculated on a pre-tax price basis.”

In Ireland, Luxembourg, Singapore and Zimbabwe, app and in-app prices will not change, but developer revenue will fluctuate due to the following tax changes:

  • Ireland: Reduced rate of value added tax on electronic newspapers and periodicals from 9% to 0%
  • Luxembourg: Reduction of the value added tax rate from 17% to 16%
  • Singapore: Goods and Services Tax rate increased from 7% to 8%
  • Zimbabwe: Value Added Tax rate increased from 14.5% to 15%

By the end of the current month, Apple says earnings will increase for local developers in Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, Tajikistan, Thailand and Uzbekistan.

Apple reminds developers that they can change the prices of their apps and in-app purchases (including auto-renewing subscriptions) at any time through App Store Connect. The company also reminds developers selling subscriptions that they can also leave the same price for existing subscribers.

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