Captain America: New World Order could introduce a new Marvel villain, fulfilling Kevin Feige’s 2014 Captain America: Civil War joke.

Head of the Marvel Cinematic Universe kevin feige can finally make good on his 2014 joke about Captain America: Civil WarThe title of the latest addition to the UCM. Captain America: New World Order, rumors suggest (via ScreenRant). the 4th Captain America The film, scheduled for a May 2024 release, will see Anthony Mackey take up the mantle of Captain America after Disney+. Falcon and the winter soldier.

a decade later Civil warRumors suggest that the new movie could finally introduce Marvel Comics’ infamous Serpent Society to the MCU. In 2014, Feige confused fans regarding the story of the second Captain America film initially presenting the project as Captain America: Serpent Society. Of course, this turned out to be little more than a joke. However, new rumors suggest that New world order could finally return to the Serpent Society for the last Captain America Project.


Coming to the big screen as part of Phase 5 of the MCU, Captain America: New World Order It will see Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson joined by a cast of new and old faces in the MCU. Returning characters will include Tim Blake Nelson’s The Leader, who originally appeared in The incredible Hulk, as well as Carl Lumbly reprising his role as Isaiah Bradley. Additionally, new faces will include Harrison Ford, who will replace the late William Hurt as Thunderbolt Ross, and Shira Haas will debut as Sabra, a new mutant hero from Israel.

However, perhaps the most compelling rumor about the new movie is the casting of Xosha Roquemore in a role that is currently undisclosed. Roquemore could play a number of roles in the MCU, though theories strongly suggest the actress will debut the character of Rachel Leighton, better known as Diamondback of the Serpent Society, leading fans to believe the organization could be making its way to the top. MCU in 2024.

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How likely is a Serpent Society debut in captain america 4?

Xosha Roquemore Joins Captain America 4
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ace Captain America: New World Order Increasingly closer to the filming stage of production, rumors about the film’s story have begun to circulate among fans, motivated in part by Marvel’s various casting calls for the new project. Posted casting calls suggest a major Serpent Society player could turn up.

The character, known primarily as Diamondback, has already appeared in a Marvel project, luke cage. A new version of the role could be in the cards for the Captain America fourquel after Marvel launched an active casting call naming the role. MCU expert Daniel Richtman claims that the casting call is seeking a “leading lady of open ethnicity, mid to early 30s” to play the role of Diamondback.


New cast.


Female, early to mid 30s. Open ethnicity lead.

Facing Anthony, a villain but also possibly a love interest, there will be an option for more after this movie. IT WILL BE A DIRECT OFFER”

For those who aren’t as familiar with Marvel Comics’ sprawling lore, Diamondback was initially introduced as a villain in the Luke Cage comics. While Rachel Leighton’s Diamondback originally debuted in 1985 and has been an on-and-off love interest for Steve Rogers’ Captain America, new rumors suggest that New world order The Diamondback version could be a possible love interest for Ford’s Thunderbolt Ross.

For the time being, Roquemore’s role remains undisclosed. Still, with Richtman’s suggestion that the MCU has been actively recruiting an actress for the Diamondback position, it seems likely that the Serpent Society could be slipping into the MCU as early as next year.

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